..............Christina May Langman 1906
Thomas and Christiana's second girl was born on the eighteenth of June 1906. The above Birth Certificate shows that Christina May was born at 48 Vanbugh Hill Greenwich, which was at this time the Hospital Infirmary for the Greenwich Union Workhouse.
The two photographs below show the Infirmary Building in 1901 (left) and during the early 1960s. The Infirmary became St Alfreges Hospital, and later Greenwich District Hospital when the site was redeveloped in 1966.
The Langman's had now moved from Myron Place Lewisham and were now living at 5 The Buildings Dutton Street Blackheath. The map (left) shows the area at this time with Dutton Street highlighted. We have been unable to pinpoint exactly where 'The Buildings' were located.

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